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Fast Paced Action Tales
Of Outrageous Quality

Hard to believe? Ask our authors.

Some say our demands are way too high - even outrageous. Those who object say things like, "Hey, isn't story telling all about self-expression? Aren't we supposed to be able to do our own thing?"

Maybe. But unless a tale is exceptionally well told, unless our customers are bound to enjoy it, we reject it. Immediately!

That's why you will only find Tales of Outrageous Quality in our list.

This isn't a promise - it's a guarantee!

Hey, there's no way we can say you'll like the tale. Or the ending. Or anything else -- except the quality. Click here for a look at our 12-month guarantee. It applies to both our electronic and hard copy titles.

But don't take our word on this. Check out any book on this site. You'll find everything you need to decide for yourself. You can easily determine if the quality meets your standard.

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by Stephen J. Schrader

A crack team of explorers find themselves stark naked, in the dark, and totally clueless. Buried deep beneath an Earth shattered by war, devastated by disease, and ravaged by alien monsters.

"A great read and a lot of fun. Recommended. "
-- Glenn Sanders,



Our 12-Month Guarantee

If you feel we have misrepresented the quality of a book you purchase from, we will refund the purchase price immediately. We do ask one thing, however.

We need your comments about what is lacking. We will post them on our site for other visitors to examine. This assures all have full access to the range of reactions. And that nobody will ever be misled, even for a moment.


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Our Latest Offering
3-D Cover for Take the Shot more...

Take the Shot
by Bob McElwain

When the body of the latest victim of a serial rapist is accidently discovered, Lisa Anders knows she is also slated to die, for she can identify the killer.

"I must say, I like the recent trend towards 'big' heroes..."
-- Brenda Russell

Only For Authors

We demand professionally written prose that is first rate in all respects.

We are now accepting submissions in all genres at our site, Fast paced action tales, of course, are appropriate to this site. And includes all types of fiction as well as non-fiction.

Any book we offer our customers must be good. By continuing to meet their expectations, they come to trust us. They return repeatedly to grab another title. Maybe yours.

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Last Month's Best Seller

Less Than a Shadow
by David Chacko

A terrorist thriller that's as hot as today's headlines.

"Less Than A Shadow is very highly recommended reading... Five Stars"
-- Midwest Book Review



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These charges do not apply to the electronic version. For printed books they are as follows:

Continental United States $4.97. Additional titles in the same order cost $2.00 per title. Books are shipped via UPS.

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